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    Knife & Hook Sharpenes

    Knife & Hook Sharpenes
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    Jarvis Walker Deluxe Tungsten Knife Sharpener

    R 61.00

    Jarvis Walker Deluxe Tungsten Carbide Knife Sharpener

    Keeping a good sharp edge on your fillet knofe is very important.

    A blunt knife will not only make the task of cleaning your catch difficult and time consuming, but it is also dangerous.

    This Jarvis Walker deluxe knife sharpener is the ideal tool to combat dull knife edges.

    Compact in size and convenenient to use, this tool should be carried with you and used regularly to maintain a consistent knife edge.

    Tungsten carbide sharpeners.

    Ergonomic design.~

    Jarvis Walker Sharpener with Vacuum Base

    R 64.00
    ~Never get caught out with a blunt blade again. This Jarvis Walker sharpening tool features a vacuum base to ensure you're not leaving shavings over your boat, catch or in the water! Jarvis Walker making it easy for you to keep a razor-sharp edge on your fishing knives.~

    Kingfisher WSM Knife & Scissor Sharpener

    R 75.00
    ~Sharpens more than 10 000 blades!!

    4 almost industructable sharpening stones


    Knife & Hook Sharpenes

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