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    Parallel,Diagonal, Combination

    Parallel,Diagonal, Combination
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    Brentwood Diagonal Plier 125mm

    R 60.00

    Brentwood Diagonal Plier 150mm

    R 81.00

    Mustad MT119 Premium Hero Fishing Pliers 7"

    R 928.00
    Mustad's Premium 7" Hero Pliers are built for avid anglers. Constructed with 420 grade stainless steel, these pliers boast high grade chromium content and a nickel finish to prevent corrosion and rust over a longer period of time than average stainless steel. Featuring strong Tungsten cutters for cutting line, the soft golf grip handles add extra comfort to the ergonomic design while spring loaded functionality makes these pliers extremely easy to use.~

    PENN Parallel Pliers 6.5"

    R 719.00

    PENNĀ® Parallel Pliers provide toughness in an ergonomic and corrosion resistant package. A stainless steel body and jaws coated in black Nickel Titanium create the foundation for our parallel design that keep the jaws parallel along the entire length of the jaws throughout their range of movement, for greater and more even pressure throughout the jaws.


    Stainless steel construction

    Black Nickel Titanium coating

    Bypass cutters for both mono and wire

    Crimping feature

    Ergonomic non slip grips~

    Parallel,Diagonal, Combination

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